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Audit Committee

Committee member
Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time: 3:00 PM
Available Spots
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Role Descriptions

  • All
  • Committee Member
  • Jazz Band
  • Marching Band
  • Music in the Parks
  • Orchestra
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Bus Chaperone

A Bus Chaperone Assist the Music Director with monitoring student location behavior and general safety. Chaperones should not discipline students. Behavior problems should be reported immediately to the teacher. Categories: Marching Band, Orchestra


A Clean-Up Help with event clean up Category: Volunteer Opportunities

Committee Chair

A Committee Chair Chairs committee meetings and communicates with and provides committee reports to the booster board and membership. Category: Committee Member

Committee Member

A Committee Member Participate in committee meetings and perform committee duties and activities as needed. Category: Committee Member

Concessions – Sales

A Concessions – Sales Prepare merchandise for sale. Sell items. Take money/make change. Clean up and return unsold merchandise to the booster room. Category: Music in the Parks

Door Monitor

A Door Monitor Make sure guests present a valid event ticket and prohibit guests from entering with coolers alcohol or large bags. Category: Music in the Parks

Driver – Car Pool

A Driver – Car Pool The Car Pool Driver uses his/her private vehicle to transport students to and from an event. Provide the Music Director with the following information: Make and model of the car copy of insurance and the…

Driver – Rental Truck

A Driver – Rental Truck Driver must have valid Driver’s License. The truck(s) will be located at MHS near the Music room. Refill fuel tanks (Diesel usually) before returning to MHS. Save gas receipts for reimbursement. Category: Marching Band Tag:…

Driver – Uniform Trailer

A Driver – Uniform Trailer Tow a two-axle 8.5 x 16 ft enclosed cargo trailer with uniforms and booster equipment. You will need: – Full-size truck van or SUV (examples: Ford F150 Chevy Suburban Toyota Sequoia etc.) – Class 3…

Guard Mom

A Guard Mom Help Color Guard with make-up hair and dress. May be asked to help in other areas (pit crew or tail gate etc.) Category: Marching Band

MIP – Assistant Supervisor

A MIP – Assistant Supervisor The assistant supervisor helps the supervisor coordinate overall weekend activities. You also will be designated shopper on the event day for any other shopping needs. If you are the parent of a freshman or sophomore…

MIP – Concession Stand

A MIP – Concession Stand Prepare and serve food; take money/make change; maintain a clean working environment. Bring your own hat and apron. Food safety regulations require wearing a hat in food preparation areas at all times. The early shift…

MIP – Concession Stand Pre-Orders

A MIP – Concession Stand Pre-Orders Prepare and serve food for schools that have submitted a pre-order of meals for their students. Category: Music in the Parks

MIP – Cook

A MIP – Cook Including: barbecue propane burner/stoves etc. Boil water cook meat etc. Please bring your own hat and apron. Food safety regulations require wearing a hat in food preparation areas at all times. Category: Music in the Parks

MIP – Parking Lot Guide

A MIP – Parking Lot Guide Oversee and assist students who will direct buses and traffic. Keep unauthorized vehicles out of the parking lot. Provide directions to visitor parking. Ensure that buses don’t collide with the solar panels. Category: Music…

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